About the Journey and My Concepts

Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side.

Victor Webster

Combining Art & Science Since 2002

 The Actors Training Ground and the teaching called “The Immersion Experience” is a project that I started in 2002, combining the sciences of human behavior, communication, and psychology with the teaching of the Master teachers of acting. This journey started when I was a student in a professional class of acting in Los Angeles. At that time I was looking for a foundation to my acting; principles that would join my personal life to the characters that I was working on in the theater and my professional life in Los Angeles. The immersion experience is the result of that research and experimentation that I conducted over these 20 years working with private and semi-private sessions with actors. The journey that I took on this research was to start with my master teacher Milton Katselas and backwards engineer his work to teachers he was in contact with in the past and continue backwards engineering those teachers until I got back to the Moscow Arts Theater, Stanislavski and beyond.

What is the Immersion Experience?

The definition of immersion is a) An act of plunging into a substance.

  1. b) The submersion in water for the purpose of baptism.
  1. c) To engross the attention of; engage deeply: absorb.

The definition of experience is a) Something personally encountered, under gone or lived through.

  1. b) Something by which one is stimulated or moved.

For me, it is a training that teaches the actor to pull the essential elements from life and art.  Which will result in a complete experience in there performance:  A birthing of a human soul in the form of Art.

Sanford Meisner had a saying on his wall that hit home for me, it read: “I wish the stage were as narrow as the wire of a tightrope dancer, so that no incompetent would dare step upon It.” it was written by J. W. Von Goethe.

Our Mission

Actors are doers.
The original job of an actor in a tribes was to present himself in front of the group, change personalities and teach them about the past, the present or the possible future of the tribe. They were  “The Keepers of Knowledge, The Medicine Men and also known as Shamans”. My mission is and has always been to give the actor a solid approach in techniques of the art of Acting. A sound knowledge of his past and his ethical duty towards his society or his tribe around the world. On a more practical basis, my mission is to give the actor all of the weapons, clarity and certainty. that I can give them so they can go Compete, Conquer and Win in this art form and business called Acting.

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