The Training

Welcome to the fire. I am going to throw you into fire and heat you up. Then, I will pound you with a hammer and anvil and after, I will cool you in water.

Once you are cooled, I will test you against a stone. If you survive, I will hold you as a weapon. If you break, well that is on you.

Grand Master Byoung Yu.

A word to the wise

Drama is conflict.  This approach will have a common theme that consist of 1) Art. 2) Human Behavior and  3) Combat.  Be warned…

“This is not for thin skin people”

Enter the Fire

Caution: this is where my filter is removed.

This is for adults.

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Private coaching is where I began this process of teaching.

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Acting is a Contact sport.


Every thing in life that you desire has a battle or a war that you must go through to be victorious.  In this Artform, the weapons of war is your authentic self.

- Otis Bell

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