When ever a gift is given, it is not completely received until a thank you is given back.  These People have influence me to start this journey of teaching and all of them have a special place in my heart.

These are my Teachers. 

There is no specific order with this list, because

it only takes one drop to start a ripple around the world.

Milton Katselas

Thank you for being the kind of master teacher who’s voice is so powerful that I can hear you guiding me when I have found myself on shaky ground in my work.  Also, thank you for giving me a jump off point to spread my wings to fly!!!

Jeffrey Tambor

Thank you for being the example of success.  If it was not for you, I don’t believe this would exist at all.  You said that we needed a kind of a apprenticeship program for actors.  Well, this is the result of that impetus.  So again, with all my heart, thank you

Jocelyn Jones

Thank you for my beginnings.  As they say,” how you start ridding a horse, many times is how you will finish ridding him”.  So thank you for showing me how to be a diligent student straight out of the gate

Richard Lawson

Thank you for your constant foot up my ass.  You have an indelible mark in my mind, heart and spirit.   I’ve found that path away from the heard you were talking about.  You always told me, “in life always leave a place, a thing or a person better than you found it”, and that has and will always stay with me.

Gloria Gifford

Thank you for showing me the importance of having a personal style towards all aspect of my work.  Most important, Thank you for introducing me to classic hard-back books.  I still have and cherish the copy of “The Emperor Jones”.


Allen Williams

Thank you for showing me how to handle a student with a velvet glove, instead of my iron fist.

Grand Master Byong Yu

Thank you for the “Mental Vitamins”. Your guidance touches my heart every time I’m in you presence.  You gave me a beacon of light to follow in my quest to become a master in my teaching.