A few words from Alumni and Friends

“To say the Immersion Experience is an acting class is an understatement. It is a life changing experience. Since beginning my studies with Otis Bell, a little over six months ago, not only has my acting improved to a level I could only have dreamed about, but also my physical and mental health is also at an all time high.  Otis approaches acting not only as an art form but also as a religion. The personal time Otis gives to each actor is unmatched in this town; you can truly feel his desire for you to succeed in the craft and the business.  I am years ahead in my pursuit of the craft and I owe it all to Otis Bell and the Immersion Experience.

In a town where everything is smoke and mirrors, Otis Bell is the one clear path to success in the career of acting.”

James Leary – Actor

“When you meet Otis Bell you notice something in his eyes.  It is a burning restlessness.  You see, he knows he has the power to better himself, his craft, and all those around him and he will not stop until he is satisfied. Very few in the world have this type of desire and dedication to their ultimate prize.  However, absolutely no where will you find someone as extremely passionate in teaching the presentation of life in acting or life itself, for the sake of his fellow artists as he will.  As Otis always says, ” I give you what you need, not what you want” this is not the type of opportunity you want to let pass you by in the night.”

Adam Mitchel - Actor

“What drew me to the Immersion Experience class was Otis Bell’s knowledge of the art of acting and the industry, his integrity, his passion for teaching the craft and his humor about life and acting.  His class has helped guide me down the right path for both my career as well as my personal life.  I’m thankful I found such a supportive, creative “family” through this class.  And might I add, not only is Otis Bell an awesome teacher but a wonderful friend”

Kate Porter- Actress / Model

When I first met Otis, my acting skills were non-existent. I had been to many different acting coaches, but none of them did anything except really confuse me more.  Otis has changed my life in so many ways.  He started from the beginning and patiently taught me what he calls the “Elements” necessary to begin my journey as an actor.  I now have the “tools” needed to fill my acting toolbox, which has created a solid foundation from which I can continue to work and grow as an actor!

Amy Black- Actress

“He is a teacher, a peer, an actor, a listener and a friend that pushes and challenges me mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  He and his teaching have done much more than I have ever imagined, for it is more than a class – he truly cares about the individual growth of each one of his students.  You can see it in the way he speaks with each of us, he is attentive to what it is that we need as different individuals, what our personal obstacles are, not only on stage, but in life.”

Camille Lacey- Actress

“Otis is well on his way to becoming a true master of this craft. Otis understands that acting is not just about reading lines but about living everyday of your life as an artist and an observer of human nature.  If you want more than just the fast food version of an acting class, check out Otis Bell and The Immersion Experience.”

Chris Gardner - Actor

Video Testimonials

He changed my daughter’s life

by Sarah Chong

When my daughter Michelle was 12 years old, going on 13, I got phone calls almost every other day from the teachers; she is in trouble (bad relationship with her friends or bad grade etc.)

My husband and I, were struggling what to do with her.

One day she came home with an idea she want to be a movie star.

As we all know you don’t just become a star. I am sure every mom and dad in the world knows, when your child want to be someone special, you will work hard to support them, whatever it takes.

So, we move to Burbank, CA Aug 2007,

But I had no idea what to do next for her.

People offer all kinds of things for me to spend money on and I still didn’t have clue what to do for my child.

We wasted one year with no progress.

Then we found Otis Bell from a friend.

Within 5 months with Otis Bell, my daughter Michelle McGhan became an artist and actor, which she should have been in first place. Otis put all his energy and knowledge into Michelle to find out who she is and what she is made of…

With his help Michelle found an agent and finally she is “A” student in John Muir Middle School in Burbank

That was not all what he did for us.

He made me understand who my own child is, and that is an artist.

He also made me understand how not to hurt the artist mind, (I used to call her a crazy child).

I am sure, there are a lot of children who have a dream to be an actor and parent who have no clue how to handle the situations. But, if you can’t find best teacher for your child, your time and your hard work will go to the garbage, just like our passed 1year…

If I don’t know what to do with my daughter’s profession, I will call Otis.

I do know he will be there whenever we need him.

Otis Bell was the best thing in our life.

Thank you so much Otis.

Sarah Chong