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What is a "Choice"?

The choice is short for the phrase choice of action. The actor has to choose the action that will change the “object” that he is dealing with in the scene so that he can move closer to his goal otherwise known as his “Objective”

How do you memorize all those lines?

First thing is that actors need to understand that the dialogue or “lines”  are a type of action and all actions are use to do something to something in the pursuit of the actor reaching his overall objective in the scene or the story. When you look at the dialogue or the lines as actions you need to assign a purpose for that “doing”. When you work from that direction it’s easier for you to remember what you’re saying because you’re doing something with those words. It’s almost in the direction of sheet music or choreography steps for a dancer.

How do you stay present in a scene you've done multiple times?

The easiest tool to use for this problem is “object of attention”. If your sense receptors \ projectors are trained on a object i.e. receiving sensations from the object or projecting your thoughts onto that object,  this process will keep you concentrated in the scene no matter how many times takes you have done.  It does open up the fact  that the actor needs to stay healthy to have the energy to repeat the scene over and over and over again.

How to audition?

This is a very large question but I will try to stay simplistic.  There are no auditions,  just performances. The only difference between an audition and a performance is that you will have less objects in the room to help you create  the reality of the imaginary situation. I tell my actors to use the four crowns which consist of objectives, obstacles, intentions or tactics and active facts or what is also called given circumstances.

I also remind them that the job is their and don’t look for reasons to give it back. Do The Work.

How do I play my objective ?

Simply, you do not play your objective. An objective is like a lighthouse that guides you through the scene. You play your tactics or intentions with the hopes that you will arrive at your future goal i.e. objective.

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